Boxing Pads Review – Pocket Rockets

By May 10, 2018Product Reviews

Pocket Rockets – Boxing Pads Review

In this review, we’ll look at the Pocket Rockets Boxing Pads / Mitts by Punch Equipment®.


This is a precision size pad which is very different to our other boxing pads. So the benefit of a smaller pad size is that they can be used as a secondary pad, say for ducking/evasion work. They’re also good for training accuracy as clients need to perform better punches or they’ll miss the pad.

Design features

First of all, the pad is full leather in the front and back casing. Which is popular with many Pad holding traditionalists.

It also comes with a security strap at the back. So you can simply lock in and load up for the incoming blows! As a result, it’s not really recommended for mass Boxing sessions as it takes more time to switch over, compared to a slip on/off pad. So if you’re training people one on one, this pad is very useful.

This focus pad is also very lightweight and gets the job done.

Price point

This is a mid-price point Boxing pad for trainer’s that are looking for an inexpensive pad in their range. So if you’re on a tight budget, we would recommend purchasing a pair of Pocket Rockets.

Boxing Pads Review - Pocket Rockets

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