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At Punch Equipment® UK, we sell a range of boxing gloves online for training and sparring. Our gloves are designed in Australia and have been around since 1989. All gloves provide safe protection for your hands, wrists and more. You’ll love the hand fit as well. Find your perfect pair of boxing gloves from Punch® today!

Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves The Trophy Getters are designed to be an all-round boxing glove so you don’t need to carry around multiple gloves in your bag. So they can be used for basic training, sparring opponents, fighting, hitting punching bags and/or pads. They also come in a wide range of colours and sizes, from 8oz to 18oz.Armadillo™ Safety Boxing Gloves The Armadillo is a great glove for sparring and protection of your hands. They come with a huge amount of padding, which both protects you and your opponent during sparring. They’re also ideal for hitting punching bags and pads. This glove mainly comes in a 16oz with a few colour choices.Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves The Black Diamond is mainly designed for Muay Thai sparring and training. It’s built to protect you from incoming blows, such as kicks, elbows, punches and knees. It comes in a black only with orange trim. The sizing available is 12oz and 16oz.Special™ 16 oz Boxing Gloves The Special™ 16 oz Boxing Gloves are ideally designed for heavy sparring and large hands. This glove is built with a comfortable hand-fit and comes in a 16oz only, which is the best weight for sparring. The glove is also only available in a red/black/white colour design.Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves (16 oz) The Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves is one of our premium gloves and is mainly for professional boxers, hence the heavy price point. These gloves are well balanced for punching hard and often. They come in a variety of different colours and a 16oz only. The material is full cowhide leather and it hasCompetition Boxing Gloves – Lace Ups The Competition Boxing Gloves is the only lace up glove in our range. It’s ideally used for fight nights and competition. The lace up design allows you to customise the hand-fit and boxers usually tape them up during fights. This is to avoid the laces hitting the other boxer.Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves The Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves are mainly designed for intermediate & professional boxing training. The gloves can be used with focus pads, punching bags as well as sparring. They’re designed in full Cow-Hide Leather Design and these gloves will feel firm when you’re punching with them. They come in either a 12oz or 16oz.GX Hybrid Punchfit® Boxing Gloves/Pads The Group X Hybrid Punchfit® Boxing Gloves/Pads is a unique product developed by Punch Equipment®. This glove allows you to both punch and catch punches at the same time. So they’re great for one on one trainingCoach Boxing Gloves/Pads The Coach Training Boxing Gloves are great for Personal Trainers and coaches that are looking for a training glove/pad combination. Using these gloves will eliminate the need for switching pads and gloves during training. Ideally, these gloves are designed for heavy hitters and catching heavy punches. Available in red/black in one size only.