Bulk Pack (10 pairs) Cotton Inners V30

  • Developed for mass group fitness boxing classes
  • Designed to absorb sweat away from your boxing gloves/pads
  • Built to assist trainers to manage their boxing equipment hygiene
  • Easy on/off
  • Breathable cotton inners
  • Machine washable
  • Medium
  • Medium & Large also available in white

£30.00 GBP


Why choose the 10 pack of Cotton Inners?

Take care of your group boxing equipment hygiene with Punch Equipments Bulk Cotton Inners.
If you’ve had enough of smelly, wet gloves ruining your equipment, Cotton inners are the answer!
Cotton inners are a vital accessory for trainers to lengthen the durability of their boxing gloves & focus pads.
Cotton inners assist in absorbing sweat/moisture away from your boxing equipment products.


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