Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Gloves

  • Authentic, state of the art 'Mexican glove' relaxed shaping, instantly noticeable when worn
  • Perfectly balanced boxing glove for noticeably more effective punches and punching feedback
  • True-to-weight guaranteed, hand-cut latex & injected mould combination padding
  • Taffeta sweat-wicking inner lining with premium grade, extra thick cowhide leather casing
  • Custom shaped fist & thumb positioning for those who can truly tell the difference!
  • A stunning Mexican styled boxing glove designed purposefully for sparring!
  • Thick, full wrap, hook & loop wrist closure for added security & stability
(13 customer reviews)

£135.00 GBP

  • Blue
  • Red
  • 12oz
  • 16oz

Why Choose?

These gloves are truly comparable with any premium boxing glove in the world at any price!
Arguably the most relaxed yet perfectly formed fist feeling of any glove.
Minimalistic, expertly hand-crafted and functionally perfect gloves made to partner with other elite products in the Mexican Fuerte™ range.
Intended for discerning boxers seeking optimal hand comfort and effortless fist formation during extended sparring sessions.
These beautifully crafted boxing gloves are primarily designed and intended for sparring

Ultra vs Elite Glove

It’s all in the feeling!

The Ultra boxing gloves have the most luxurious, soft, & relaxed hand-fit/thumb in the Punch Equipment range.
These stunning gloves are also made with the highest grade cowhide leather available to aid in maki the most effortless fist possible.

The Elite boxing gloves are closer to a traditionally shaped Mexican Boxing glove which houses a streamlined, firmer hand-fit &SNUG fist shaping making this glove feel impressively compact with its specialist deeply turned in-thumb as an added glove feature.

What do I use for bag & focus pad training?

The Mexican Fuerte™ range of equipment includes professional leather bag mitts for extended bag and pad work sessions to ensure your sparring gloves have the longest life span.

What should I wear under my gloves?

While cotton inners should be the bare minimum underneath your boxing gloves to increase the lifespan of your gloves,
We recommend grabbing a pair of Mexican 5m hand wraps to minimise the sweat getting into your gloves provide protection/stability over your knuckles, joints & palm.

13 reviews for Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Gloves

  1. Adam Milburn

    I’ve had these gloves for a month and I’m super impressed with the feel of the glove in training and sparring, and the quality of the construction. An expensive glove by Punch standards, but actually really competitively priced when you compare the quality of the glove to similar products from other brands. The ‘relaxed fit’ still provides enough support to the wrist and hand and is really comfortable to wear. I highly recommend these gloves.

    Pros: Great fit. Good Support. Quality construction.

    Cons: None as yet

    Best user for: Training and Sparring

  2. Ross

    Great glove very comfortable, highly recommend this one!

    Pros: Very comfortable I highly recommend these gloves.

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Boxing training & sparring

  3. riley

    These are the best gloves I’ve used.
    I struggled a lot finding gloves that fit my very large and long hands, these fixed all hand pain I was getting previously. Will 100% buy again

    Pros: Larger finger compartment. Feel like they're broken in and ready for use first time. Perfect for sparring. My sparring partner says it's like getting hit in the face with a pillow.

    Cons: The leather is very soft and I could see it not being ideal for the heavy bag.

    Best user for: Sparring and pad work.

  4. David S

    Absolutely the best gloves out there right now for under $500…! Cannot complain. Just brilliant. Would love them in white or baby blue!

    Pros: The fit. The responsiveness. The shape. The leather.Allll brilliant.

    Cons: None.

    Best user for: All your training! Sparring, pads, heavy bag.

  5. Richard Martinec

    Best gloves i have used so far. Definetely would buy again

    Pros: Very well made, using 16oz mainly for sparring. I have pretty large hands and these gloves fit perfectly

    Cons: None spotted so far

    Best user for: Sparring

  6. Ash Sparkes

    By far the nicest gloves I’ve had the pleasure of using,
    The feeling and smell of the leather is ridiculous & the handfit is even better.
    I have been using the 12oz in Blue for the last 8 months & they feel fantastic on bag and pads, the feedback is crisp!

    Pros: So so soft Great wrist support Super comfy handfit

    Cons: Need more colours!

    Best user for: 12oz bag & pads 16oz sparring

  7. Jeff (verified owner)

    It’s like getting a glove tailor fitted. The comfort level is insane. Well balanced glove, it is a joy to use during training. Very pleased with the purchase and impressed with the company. Thinking about getting the Elite gloves as well.

    Pros: Comfort, size and quality.

    Cons: Thus far none.

    Best user for: For me an excellent all-round boxing glove.

  8. Damon

    I got these gloves at Christmas time last year for my birthday and after using the trophy getters for so long these gloves were a very big improvement from the trophy getters dont get me wrong they are a great set of gloves too but these Mexican style gloves are a mean style you can feel every punch you throw you know your hitting a nose or ribs and they are also very comfy on the hands would reccomend these gloves for sparring any day of the week

    Pros: Very comfy tight fit, great for sparring, quality stitching

    Cons: Red colour fades off the gloves a little bit

    Best user for: Sparring

  9. lhilliard1

    Mexican Fuerte Ultra are Quality Gloves. Great review from csquareboxing is true to comfort and quality.
    Very comfortable, great leather. The 12oz still gives me good protection.
    By the way the Elite are excellent too, as are the Mexican 5m wraps.

  10. Mishelle Macatangay

    Amazing product. I bought the 160z in 2018. It’s been 2 years and I can confirm it’s still as snug and supportive on my wrist as when I first bought it. The leather quality is amazing, and I’ve sparred in high end gloves like cleto Reyes and Winnings. They are lighter to spar in than Cleto Reyes and have more wrist support than Winnings. The padding is great for my knuckles and has maintained the thickness over the 2 year period. And I spar 2 times a week.

    The great thing about this glove is because the leather is such high quality, it softens nicely and you can tighten the Velcro strap according to your wrist. I’ve got small wrist and I found that these gloves have been amazing in moulding to my wrist size and providing high protection without the leather thinning.

    Pros: - maximum knuckle support and light weight - leather is high quality and softens nicely

    Best user for: Sparring Bagwork

  11. Lance

    I now have the Mexican Fuerte Ultra in both colours, love them.
    Great Design, Quality and Comfort. comfortable fist position and natural thumb position.
    I have injured knuckles. These give good protection, and although nice fit, allow me to wrap my hands well and still feel comfortable

    Pros: Great Design and Quality Great comfort, especially fist and thumb position. Excellent Wrist Support

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Sparring, but I use for Mitt work also

  12. Keith

    I’m not usually one to post about sports gear, but I’m so damn happy with this pair of gloves that I feel inclined to give these guys a shout. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to use various pairs of gloves, but with the increased amount of time that I spend on the heavy bag at home, I’ve become even more picky. Cletos are slick, fast, and smell amazing (lol), but they don’t protect my weak ass hands enough. Twins remain the world’s most underrated glove makers, but at 16oz, they’re a tad bulky. Winning continues to make the best damn gloves on the planet, but omg they’re expensive. After diving back online to explore more gloves, I decided to give these Fuerte Ultras a go.

    THEY’RE SO GOOD. I’M SO HAPPY. They’re basically Winning clones, with a bigger velcro strap. Sure, they’re made with more affordable materials, but at less than half the price of a pair of Winnings, I’m blown away. If you’re boxing, or doing any form of fight training, I can’t recommend these guys enough. If you have bigger hands and long fingers like me, please, please check them out. You won’t regret it. 

    TLDR: These gloves make me happy.

    Pros: - Ultra comfortable - Fits my hands perfectly, even with 4.5m wraps. - Excellent protection

    Cons: The leather is easily marked, but nothing major.

    Best user for: I use this glove for everything.


    A nice compact design made from real cow hide leather for durability with a super comfortable fit,you get great knuckle and wrist protection with excellent Punch feed back from these FUERTE gloves..Highly recommend 👍

    Pros: Cow hide leather durability. Excellent punch feed back with great hand protection. Superb fit.

    Cons: 12 oz not suited for sparring as the person on the receiving end will definitely know they’ve been punched lol.

    Best user for: Heavy Bag work. Focus pads. Fightmaster boxing station. Partner work.

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