Muay Thai Focus Pads Review – Black Diamond Classics

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Thai Focus Pads Review

In this review, we’ll look at the Muay Thai Focus Pads (Black Diamond Classics) by Punch Equipment®.


This is the heaviest pad in our range but for good reason. It’s designed to take heavy hits and the extra weight will help absorb repetitive hard hits. It’s a reasonably thick pad, we would say around another quarter thicker than our other focus pads.

Design Features

Firstly, it has a massive security strap that locks you in for a long pad session. This makes you feel secure while taking an onslaught of heavy hits!
Inside the pad, it’s very comfortable. We have designed it with a hand mould inside, which is very soft and squishy.
The material used is full leather throughout the pad.
It has large ventilation holes on the top of the glove, which will help remove sweat and keep the pad feeling fresh after every session.

Who should purchase this pad?

This pad is ideally designed for trainers that are looking for a focus boxing pads to catch punches from heavy hitters. The pad will last years of training and is highly recommended.

Thai Focus Pads Review

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